Evolution by Lynn Embick


Lynn Embick

Offended. Accusatory.
Bruised legs with a wire
Flyswatter handle.
Driving home drunk,
Eyes focused on the white line.

Striving to make
Someone else happy.
Struggling to find
My place.
Feeling the need to
Protect a part of me.

Loving me and all
My life lessons.
Building and nurturing
My tribe.
Comfortable in my own skin.
Recognizing that the pain
In others
Is not my own.

Lynn Embick is a multi-faceted author and artist, born in Silver City, NM, who spent the last decade in Salem, MA, where she earned her Masters Degree in English with a creative writing emphasis. She has published works including poetry, profiles of noteworthy individuals, and articles in anthologies, local newspapers, and magazines, and has both presented and chaired panels at literary conferences. She currently resides in Albuquerque.

This piece was inspired by a prompt from Zachary Kluckman during the April 28, 2019 Workshop.