Conversation with Puke-Bat by Lynn Embick

Conversation with Puke-Bat

Lynn Embick

Me: This label says your name is Puke-Bat. When I first saw you, I definitely thought you were more complicated than that, kind of a warrior insect in action, or something.

Puke-Bat: The name does seem simple, doesn’t it? The image of puke spilled out, and somewhere in there the artist must have seen some sort of distorted figure that seemed bat-like.

Me: It is complicated though, isn’t it?

Puke-Bat: The act of throwing out everything inside you, so much force your bowels let go, snot dripping from your nose, tears streaming down your face. It’s intimate. Yeah, it’s complicated. It’s not pretty.

Me: The touches of red, is that blood?

Puke-Bat: Hmm, it happens, doesn’t it? Especially if you’re a repeat offender.

Me: My mind is processing, reflecting, thinking about all the reasons why.

Puke-Bat: Bulimia, alcohol poisoning, beaten to a pulp, your cousin Ronnie shared more than just a soda when he took a drink of your Coke…

Me: Your body convulsing in pain, the aftershock of rape…


Me: It is complicated, isn’t it?

Puke-Bat: I am more than just the outline of a distorted bat in a puddle of green puke.


Lynn Embick is a multi-faceted author and artist, born in Silver City, NM, who spent the last decade in Salem, MA, where she earned her Masters Degree in English with a creative writing emphasis. She has published works including poetry, profiles of noteworthy individuals, and articles in anthologies, local newspapers, and magazines, and has both presented and chaired panels at literary conferences. She currently resides in Albuquerque.

This piece was inspired by a prompt from Katrina K Guarascio (5/26/19 workshop) to have a conversation between the observer and a piece of artwork. The piece I chose to have a conversation with was created by Heidimae Martin, and entitled “Puke-Bat.”