old man remembering by Katrina K Guarascio

old man remembering

Katrina K Guarascio

with a voice
like Johnny Cash
and the blue eyes
of my grandfather
tell me your story

tell me about the road
and the first night
spent alone in a cheap motel
back when all the letters
shinned on that sign

never a nice place
but for a while
you could put feet up
rest head on clean sheets
and listen to the highway murmur

things always fall apart
without up keep
without attention
we all know that

but tell me the story
of how you expect
this place to be here
to stand

a letter missing,
a few hang loose,
but then a few remain

perhaps you too are
merely weathered
your skin spotted
and dried to the bone

tell me
you too
are falling apart

a broken sign
an abandoned building
a place forgotten

This poem was inspired by the artwork, “Through – Untitled 2” created by Stevie Alexandra, displayed at StrangeFlock Gallery August 2019.